Latvia is a country that lies along the shores of Baltic Sea in Europe with borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. Latvia has a multitude of 12,000 small rivers and numerous lakes with an average number of 3,000. Latvia is mostly consisted of flat lowlands with a maximum elevation that reaches 312 meters.

  • Capital Riga
  • Official Language Latvian
  • Official Currency EUR
  • Area (km2) 64,589 km²
  • Population 1,091,000

About Latvia

About 56% of Latvia is forested as it has the highest percentage of lands that is covered by forests in the European Union after Finland, Sweden and Slovenia According to the Environmental Performance Index “EPI”, Latvia took the second place worldwide as the greenest place from University of Yale. Latvia is considered as one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates. Latvia has a lot of institutes that offer English-taught programs to international students. Latvia’s universities rank high among the best in the education institutions worldwide.

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Processing Time

3 – 4 months

Visa-Free Countries

EU Countries

Capital Investment from

85,000 EUR

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Benefits of acquiring the residency in Latvia

There are a lot of advantages from of applying for residency program in Latvia as it allows applicants to live, work and invest in a healthy and stable environment along with other benefits as follows: 

ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION: According to the Environmental Performance Index “EPI”, Latvia ranked in second place from University of Yale

SAFETY: Latvia has a lowest crime rate, thus safety is very high there

TOURISM: Latvia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, as it has 12,000 small rivers and 3,000 lakes

FREEDOM OF TRAVEL: Freedom of travel to all Schengen Area countries, the largest trading bloc in the world

PRIVILEGES: Enjoying similar rights and privileges to European citizens, such as health, educational and social services.

EDUCATION: Residency holders can benefit from free educational system in public schools. And is available in English language as well.

INVESTMENT: Availability of strong logistical connection between Russia and the European Union Countries

WORK: Ease of establishing companies and bank accounts within the Country

COST OF LIVING: One of the cheapest countries within the European Union in terms of living costs

PERSONAL FREEDOM: According to the US News, Latvia is ranked the 26th among other Countries that prioritize human rights, gender equality and religious freedom.

LANGUAGE: No Latvian language requirement to obtain residency

Requirements for residency Eligibility

Requirements to apply for residency by investment program in Latvia 

Main applicant must be aged 18 or above
Has a fixed income.
Added dependents to the application must be fully dependent on the main applicant.
Has no previous criminal record.
Not considered as a national security threat.

Types of Investments for residency

The above mentioned fees are subject to increase depending on family size 

Other fees may be added like professional service and lawyers’ fee along with application fee

Capital investment into a company

Non-refundable Governmental Contribution

  • Non-refundable Governmental Contribution

    10000   EUR

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