Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island nation located in the Eastern Caribbean region, bordering the Atlantic Ocean near the US state of Florida. It includes many beautiful mountains, the most famous of which is the Pitons, which is the only active volcano in the world.

  • Capital Castries
  • Official Language English
  • Official Currency East Caribbean Dollar
  • Area (km2) 620 km²
  • Population 185,916

About Saint Lucia

Tourism is the main source of employment and income in the country, representing 65% of the Gross Domestic Product. This country is home to two Nobel Prize winners: Sir Arthur Lewis, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1979, and poet Derek Walcott, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1992.Saint Lucia is one of the strongest economies in the world, ranking 42nd globally in terms of economic growth with a growth rate of 12.2% in 2022, and it is the strongest economy in the eastern Caribbean countries. Saint Lucia gained independence on February 22, 1979, and became a member of the Commonwealth. The country celebrates this date as a public holiday.

Information about Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

Contribution from

100,000 USD

Real Estate from

200,000 USD

Processing Time

4 – 6 months

Visa-Free Countries


Member of

Most Important Benefits

Ranked 29th worldwide and passport holders benefit from the free movement to more than 147 countries without a visa. 

PRIVILEGES: Benefiting from healthcare and educational services

ECONOMY: Ranked the 42nd worldwide in terms of economic growth rate, and is considered as the strongest economy in the eastern Caribbean countries

LANGUAGE: No language requirements to acquire the citizenship

DUAL CITIZENSHIP: St. Lucia nationals are allowed to have dual nationalities without renouncing their original one

BUSINESS SECTOR: The opportunity to open bank accounts and establish businesses whether in the Country or outside it.

NATIONALITY: Can be passed on to children and grandchildren

RESIDENCY: No minimum stay is required to obtain citizenship

FREEDOM OF TRAVEL: Traveling freely to more than 147 countries worldwide including the European Countries and the United Kingdom

TAXES: No taxes on capital gains, wealth, inheritance, or income

SECURITY: Enjoys a safe and politically stable environment due to the exchange rate stability versus the United States Dollar

TOURISM: Is the main source of jobs and income in the Country, which accounts for 65% of the GDP

Conditions required to obtain citizenship

Requirements to apply for citizenship by investment program

No security problems related to the threat of national security, terrorism or criminal offenses.
Passing the due diligence check for applicants over 16 years of age.
Submit the required documents to the Government.
The main applicant must be at least 18 years old.
No refusal on the last UK visa application.
Owns the minimum investment in one of the four investment options.

Types of investments to obtain citizenship

Noting that other fees will be added related to the professional service and lawyers’ fees along with consulting fees. In addition to other governmental fees depending on the family structure.  


Processing fee for the main applicant: $2,000 USD

Processing fee for any additional dependent in the application: $1,000 USD

Due Diligence fee for the main applicant: $8,000 USD

Due Diligence fee for any additional dependent over 16 years old: $5,000 USD

National Economic Fund

  • Main applicant only: $100,000 USD

    100000   USD

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National Bonds Investment

  • Additional non-refundable administrative fees: $50,000 USD

    50000   USD

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Real Estate Investment

  • Minimum investment amount paid once when acquiring the citizenship (200,000 USD)

    200000   USD

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